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Orlando, FL


The Greatest Investment Girls' Empowerment Experience ("TGI") is a four-week program focused on providing at-risk teenage girls with a safe, positive and nurturing environment during the summer.  TGI was founded in Orlando, FL in April 2010 to empower the next generation of female leaders through workshops and activities focused on developing strong, confident and fierce young ladies.


About TGI

TGI's mission is simple - To educate and empower our next generation of strong, confident and fierce female leaders

TGI Camp addresses the lack of positive programs available to teen girls of color, especially during the summer months.  This free annual four-week camp is completely volunteer run and inspires 25 young ladies to become the next generation of professional, confident, and capable female leaders. The TGI Camp focuses on character development, self love, interpersonal skills, goal-setting, mentoring, college preparation and career development.  TGI hosts monthly activities to support participants’ academic, civic and personal development success.  The camp is tailored to midde school and high school young ladies ages 12 to 18 years old. TGI was founded in Orlando, FL in April 2010.

Our camp also focuses on positively shaping the girls self-esteem and character, developing their interpersonal skills, exposing them to life skills such as financial literacy, goal-setting, health and nutrition, career building and community development. TGI Camp teaches our young ladies to expand their interests and share their talents by shadowing business and community leaders.