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The Greatest Investment Girls' Empowerment Experience ("TGI") is a four-week program focused on providing at-risk teenage girls with a safe, positive and nurturing environment during the summer.  TGI was founded in Orlando, FL in April 2010 to empower the next generation of female leaders through workshops and activities focused on developing strong, confident and fierce young ladies.



Thank you for your interest in volunteering with TGI Girls Summer Camp!
The Volunteer Application is available below.

Thank you for choosing to volunteer with TGI! Your investment in TGI will positively change the lives of the next generation of female leaders. Whether you can share an hour, an afternoon, a day or a week with the young ladies of TGI, your time spent will be well worth it. TGI is a 4-week camp that begins on Monday, July 11th and will continue through Friday, August 5th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the weekdays only.  TGI’s schedule includes three days of workshops, one day of community service and one field trip each week.


Listed below are some expectations of our volunteers. If you find that you are not capable of meeting these expectations, please do not apply.

We expect your number one priority in coming to work with us will to be care for the girls and their needs. Our volunteers are responsible for the lives and growth of young people. We expect you to have a genuine love for children, a creative spirit, the ability to be flexible when needed, and lots of patience. There will be times when you are "worn thin" from your workload. We expect you to be able to pace yourself, know when you need sleep, and work as consistently at the end of the camp as in the beginning. There is very little time for the feeding of your needs during the time that you will be working with us. You must make your own time for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual renewal.

In return for your hard work, you will be rewarded beyond belief by the difference that you will make in the lives of these young ladies this summer. Camp is the only place that will make a difference in some of these ladies' lives. When the camp ends, they wrap their arms around you, tell you they love you, and that because of you they now have a greater understanding of what they can do, there is simply no greater reward. Please prayerfully consider if you can meet these expectations before applying for a position with the TGI Girls' Empowerment Summer Camp. If you can then scroll below to complete the volunteer application.

Volunteer & MENTOR application