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The Greatest Investment Girls' Empowerment Experience ("TGI") is a four-week program focused on providing at-risk teenage girls with a safe, positive and nurturing environment during the summer.  TGI was founded in Orlando, FL in April 2010 to empower the next generation of female leaders through workshops and activities focused on developing strong, confident and fierce young ladies.


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The Greatest Investment Girls Empowerment Program

9th Annual Summer Camp



Orlando, Florida (March 27, 2018) – Celebrating its ninth summer, The Greatest Investment Girls Empowerment Summer Camp seeks to continue its mission to educate and empower our next generation of strong, confident and fierce female leaders.

What do you get when you surround 40 at-risk teenage girls with amazing role models, caring supporters and fearless leaders for four weeks over the summer? The next generation of amazing role models, caring supporters and fearless leaders!

The Greatest Investment (“TGI”) Girls Empowerment Summer Camp was created in April 2010 to empower the next generation of female leaders by challenging female professionals, business owners, community leaders and volunteers to take an active role in shaping the life of a future female leader. Until TGI, there were no summer camps in Orlando that focused on developing strong, confident and fierce female leaders. In these tough economic times when community programs are being cut and parents do not have the funds to send their kids to summer camps, TGI sees Orlando’s kids, especially vulnerable teenage girls, being left unsupervised to learn essential life lessons from negative reality television shows or misguided friends. This summer, TGI is continuing to fill a critical need by stepping up to create an educational, enriching and fun experience for Orlando girls.

The volunteers at TGI are dedicated to spending the time, sharing lessons and expanding the experiences of TGI’s girls to properly equip them for the challenges that they will face in their daily lives. The Greatest Investment is a free four-week camp tailored to 12 to 18-year old at-risk girls, predominantly from the Parramore and Pine Hills areas of Orlando. The camp focuses on positively shaping girls’ self-esteem and character, developing their interpersonal skills, exposing them to life skills such as financial literacy, goal-setting, health and nutrition, college preparation, career building and community development. The camp teaches the girls to expand their interests and share their talents by shadowing business and community leaders.

The camp includes individual and group counseling sessions, peer discussions about hot topics, leadership workshops, guest speakers, college tours, interactive activities and exciting field trips. In addition to the summer camp, TGI hosts monthly activities throughout the school year focused on academic success, personal development and community service. Over the last eight years, TGI has positively impacted the lives of 203 girls. TGI participants are now honor roll students, Advanced Placement scholars, published writers, leaders within organizations and community service advocates. TGI alums are high school graduates and college students, including 27 TGI alums who are the first in their families to attend college. TGI is truly changing the lives of our girls’ families and communities.

This summer, TGI will be held from July 9, 2018 to August 3, 2018 at Valencia College, West Campus, located at 1800 South Kirkman Road in Orlando, Florida from 9:30a am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

TGI coordinators believe that The Greatest Investment we can ever make in our lifetime is investing in the life of a child. TGI is committed to investing in our future female leaders. TGI is completely volunteer organized. Every dollar raised goes directly to help our future leaders.

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